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New Music / Remixes | Birdman, lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Swizz Beats!

Check Out the Remix Birdman-Loyalty (Remix) (Feat. Brisco, Mack Maine, Bow Wow, Lil’ Twist, Cory Gunz, & Tyga).

Check Out lil Wayne Verse On Roman Revenge Is he Going at Jay Z!!!

New Swizz Beatz ft. Chris Brown, Kevin McCall & Diesel ñ Freaky – I Is


Nicki Minaj – Ice Cream Man

Nicki Minaj – Ice Cream Man Download Here

New Track From Young Moneys Own Nicki Minaj Ice Cream Man
Let me know what you think about this Track

Rick Ross – Your Love ( Remix )

Rick Ross – Your Love ( Remix ) DOwnload Here / Mediafire

CHeck out Rick ROss on this Nicki Minaj – Your Love Remix

Teflon Don In Stores Now!

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Busta Rhymes Give Nicki Minaj Advice

Nicki Needs To Show Up In A Couple Of These Movies

“A lot of the times we get stuck into these characters where we kind of become slaves to those characters; we sound a particular kind of a way all of the time,” he explained in an interview. “I’m never saying that it’s not a good thing. We should always trademark certain things about us so that people can identify with it off the top. But it’s always good to be able to show people how diversified you are and what you’re capable of outside your comfort zone…It feels like she ain’t got no problem displaying that…I probably think the one thing she need to do that she ain’t did yet was show up in a couple of these movies…and it’s a wrap. She get a couple of these movies and steal the scenes that she’s in the same way she do it on these records, she going to put the nail in the coffin with that.” (MTV)

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Gloria Velez AT Nicki Minaj “You’re Trying To Pretend That You Like Women”

Actor / Model / Rapper Gloria Velez has added on to her recent controversial views of Nicki Minaj and said the Young Money star is using her bi-sexuality as a marketing ploy.

According to an interview from Major Moves DVD, Velez compares Minaj to pop star Lady Gaga.

I think she should be her. It’s okay to be a little costume-ish on stage but let people see who you really are. You’re trying to be like Lady Gaga a little bit. You’re trying to pretend that you like women but you really [like] d*ck. Just be you….I honestly don’t like her music but to each his own

Last spring, Velez dropped her “Roger Dat” diss track toward Minaj.
Read Her Verse Diss To Nicki!!!

“I’m in a six-speed drop and I’m sick with the clutch / I’m bout to go in on this bitch like a d*** in her guts / Come on Nicki? Is you licking or what? / How many silicone shots you gonna stick in your butt?” Velez opens the freestyle with. She goes on to throw several jabs at Minaj, poking fun at her alleged plastic surgery enhancements, comparing her flow to a rapper with Tourette’s syndrome, and even accuses her of providing sexual favors to land a record deal. “It’s Glo, Murda Mami, strapped up, emergency / I wasn’t gonna do it, but bitch you keep urging me / You better run and use extreme urgency / brain f***ed up, too much plastic surgery,” Velez spits. “No matter how many times you bat your eye lashes / It ain’t gonna take away from the fact that you trash-ess,” she later raps, before adding: “Remember you came out a Lil Kim clone? / then you started sounding like your got Tourette’s syndrome

G-LO VS Nicki Minaj What you Think?

Nicki Minaj’s Debut Release Date Confirmed

The release date for Nicki Minaj’s upcoming Young Money debut has been confirmed by representatives from Cash Money/Young Money.

Barbie fans across the world can rejoice. Nicki Minaj’s as-yet-untitled debut album will officially hit stores on November 23. The news comes just four days after the Jamaica, Queens rapper took to her twitter account to alert fans about the special day. “Yes. It’s time. November 23rd,” she wrote last Thursday afternoon. At the time, spoke to reps for her label at Young Money/Cash Money, and they couldn’t confirm the date. But today, they informed us that the date is indeed set in stone.

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