P.C – Top Of The World ( Unsigned Hype )

P.C – Top of The World Download Here / Mediafire

Ronald Charles AKA P.C. was born on May 26, 1987 in Broward County, FL. His mother worked two jobs to support him and his siblings. Because P.C. grew up without a father he had to the assume responsibility of helping raise his siblings. With P.C.’s older brother serving time in prison he turned to the street and they helped raise him. With his brother gone P.C felt like he had to take control of his own life. It was time to become a man; P.C got tired of seeing his mother living from check to check , so by the age of 12 he started hustling with a group of friends selling candy on the streets to make money. Later on in his life he went further into the world he tried so hard to run from. P.C was in and out of jail. By the age of 14 he dropped out of school and ended up on the wrong path. With no high school diploma or a college degree how was life suppose to get better. That’s when he turned to the one thing he was good at to save him. Rapping is where it all started. Linking up with Local producers Supa Jay and Mr. Cash of Top Boy Entertainment helped with the smooth transition from a hobby to his one and only profession.

-Dj Junior-

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